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Every space is a personal space: We consider the atmosphere you desire for your space as exclusive, which is why light and its form are adapted to meet the specific needs of our clients: architects and designers of all disciplines.



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Antrox Srl was founded in 2000 to implement a lean corporate production and organization model and to enhance its range of LED luminaires, while maintaining an emphasis on the personalization of luminaires, the distinctive feature of the original company founded in 1985 specialized in lamps cold cathode fluorescents. Over 30 years of experience working side by side with architects and designers of various disciplines have informed the design and production of the latest collections of linear glass and aluminum fixtures and custom-made decorative fixtures.

Antrox Srl, a company focused on the customer, excels in accompanying architects and designers throughout the design and production process of custom-made appliances, offering valuable information from the point of view of the seasoned manufacturer on finishing, color temperature and accessories that would better bring their design to life. Upon request, we are ready to supervise the installation of our products on site.

Thanks to our in-house production and materials warehouse, we guarantee short delivery times of 2 – 4 weeks after confirming the order and we ship our turnkey products for a quick, simple and economical installation process. Shop drawings, photometric data and an installation manual are also included.

International sales office: Via Sannio 28, 20137 Milan, Italy

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