Bespoke lighting solutions   for architects and lighting designers

Bespoke lighting solutions

 for architects and lighting designers


Customisable and bespoke lighting

AdHoc Lighting - Bespoke

We offer architects and lighting designers thorough consultations throughout the bespoke process, from design to manufacturing, to give life to their creative visions.

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We use the most reliable diodes for maximum efficiency and binning selection.

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Cold cathode

Unparalleled versatility for architectural and artistic statement pieces makes cold cathode lamps ideal for creating emotional experiences with light.

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The freedom to invent light, giving shape to its form and emotion to its rays, which illuminate the spaces in which we carry out our lives, is the ultimate frontier of creative freedom.

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Our vision is holistic, global, and directed at satisfying project needs around the world. For this reason, every lighting system we develop, whether with LED or cold cathode, is inspired by your needs, your design, your project.

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